Friday, May 4, 2018

POGO PG1226-PG1233: Various Food Minifig Mascots Review

An interesting bunch, no doubt about that.

Overall quality was okay.. The plastic doesn't feel as good as usual molds from TLG, XINH, DLP, SY, etc. but they're not horrible too. The print quality isn't great though. It has that 3D-ish effect on it similar to the Gundam minifigs and the XINH Spider-Boy.

The graininess on the design is not from the camera (well maybe some, but you get my point, I hope, haha); the fig really has printing like that that you can feel with your fingers, hence the 3D-ish effect.

For the most part, I'll be showing pictures of the individual figs from here.

PG1226 - Pineapple Mascot
PG1227 - Strawberry Mascot

PG1228 - Peanut Mascot
PG1229 - Chili Mascot

PG1230 - Mango Mascot
PG1231 - Eggplant Mascot

PG1232 - Jalapeno Mascot
PG1233 - Watermelon Mascot

The unique molds are great in terms of paint compared to other POGO molds.. I feel like they hired a different manufacturer or used different methods/machines for the creation of these figs. The figs also had side prints which is really welcome. I personally don't prefer that 3D-ish print style, but from afar it doesn't really make the fig look bad. I hope though that POGO keeps improving.

There should be three more food-related mascots coming out. I'll review them too if AngeloMarcus Greenhills stocks up on them. If they don't, well I still have a couple of figs to review here.

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  1. I was waiting for your review before i picked them up. Thanks.


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