POGO PG8127: Elsa Bloodstone, Inque, and Other Comicbook Characters Minifigs Preview

Wow, POGO, getting scared of the competition?

PG458 - Aquaman
PG459 - Elsa Bloodstone
PG460 - Scarlet Witch
PG461 - Commander A
PG462 - Inque
PG463 - Snowflame
PG464 - Surge
PG465 - Mockingbird

Finally, an Elsa Bloodstone!! Wasn't really happy with my MOC.

I'm just hoping that POGO actually releases quickly too and not just stock up on previews and make us wait a long while.. Once AngeloMarcus Greenhills gets them, they'll be up for review!

Snowflame and Inque are from DC while all the others are from Marvel!

Thanks to herobloks.com for some of the names!

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  1. Someone get this image to Linkara, Snowflame has a lego minifigure

  2. Doesnt Pogo released that 90s Aquaman months ago? Or that was Kopf?

    Surprised to see Inque from Batman Beyond! Happy to see more DC characters.

    Waiting to see New Gods :)


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