XINH 815: Thanos Bigfig Review Comparison with Lele D031 Thanos

So many variants and yet none of the brands have released a clone of the official TLG Thanos from Infinity War. (MG has previewed theirs, and Lepin's boxed set will have one.)

From top to bottom, left to right:
Kopf Thanos, Lele Thanos, SY Thanos, Decool (based on TLG) Thanos, XINH Thanos, SY/DLP Thanos

On the left is Lele and on the right is XINH. Lele's Thanos has a metallic gold color instead of the goldish plastic Thanos has been seen in for quite a while now. Both of the figs are printed quite well and I love them both. The print details on Lele's Thanos is great but I think XINH's plastic feels more solid. Lele Thanos also seemed much lighter than other bigfigs.

Another thing to note, Lele's Thanos has a more violet/purple face while XINH's Thanos is the more pinkish one.

Both of them have printed Infinity Gauntlets on their bigfig hands, but Lele's doesn't have a stone by the thumb.. It also doesn't follow the colors of the MCU Gauntlet.

The other side.

While Lele's print on the front are much more detailed, XINH's Thanos back print is much more detailed.

I think that Lele Thanos is much more hollow inside which is why he's so light. I also noticed that the back part of my Lele Thanos has a gap in between the golden shoulder piece and the blue torso. I didn't wanna pull them apart too much because I didn't want to ruin such a great bigfig.

Looking forward to more from both XINH and Lele. I'm hoping that they make more interesting bigfigs!

If AngeloMarcus Greenhills gets the MG Thanos, I'll be glad to review and compare the three of them to see which is the best Thanos.

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