Decool 0295: Armored Batman Bigfig Review

First previewed here!

BvS Armored Batman?
The Dark Knight Returns Armored Batman?
Just a random Armored Batman?
Or don't care at all?

Any of those could be possible answers, but what matters is that we have a great Armored Batman bigfig!

He came like this. Yes, the head isn't like the usual bigfig head and is not TLG-inspired at all.. I doubt any brick piece can accomodate a rectangular connector as opposed to the usual round ones.

Perhaps the only thing that wasn't so good in the fig: the cape. It's made of a rubbery material and the top part, the part near the neck, has some scratches that it's not looking so smooth. I would say it looked like they were bit by tiny insects or something. (Just the neck part, other than that, it's all good.)

The cape attaches to those holes near the shoulders. It fits well enough and is not too tight and not loose. No articulation for the cape though.

Other than that, the fig itself is amazing. The mouth print doesn't seem too centered, but it's not bad too. The eye print was great. The Bat logo and the utility belt are also well painted.

The arms were probably my favorite parts. They're just so detailed! Articulation was also great!

Despite having a cape, the back part of the fig was also well detailed!

Better look at the proprietary head.. I would've preferred the usual connector so that we can MOC him to be a Batman mech or something, but we don't get that option sadly.

Despite not being a universal head, everything else fits well with other brick parts. I mean look, the Gauntlet fits nicely on his hand!

"I'm Batman" -Deadpool

More bigfigs from my AngeloMarcus Greenhills haul to be reviewed soon! The POGO ones are nowhere near this one in terms of quality though.

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