Duo Le Pin DLP9065: Various Iron Man Marks Minifigs With Combiner Mech Review

First previewed here!

Expected more from DLP.. Was honestly disappointed.

Yes, they were boxed.

The mechs were great!

Look at that detail! Pretty good for "freebies"

Back view.

While generally good, the biggest weakness of these mechs are that a 2x1 brick was the only thing holding together the legs and the torso. Such a shame because it would easily fall apart.

Articulation was good! Only problem was the backbone as mentioned above.

The minifigs stand behind the chest to pilot the mechs.

Now for the minifigs!

I'll start off by saying one somewhat big issue I had with the figs: those plastic nubs on the helmets! They look horrible! It's sad because the Iron Man helmet mold is an old mold and we would've expected them to perfect it by now..

MK 25 "Striker"
MK 47
MK 40 "Shotgun"
MK 30 "Blue Steel"

Names are from left to right. Generally the figs were good. You'll see below though some quality control issues.

Good printing though generally, including the back of course.

MK 35 "Red Snapper"
MK36 "Peacemaker"
MK 32 "Romeo"
MK 41 "Bones"

Now for what I would call my problem figs. The quality is good for the most part, but there are quality control issues..

Same goes for the back. Details are good and Red Snapper and Romeo even have leg prints.

Peacemaker's head is also of a different shade of orange from the rest of its body..

The faces of Tony Stark and Tony Stark impostors.. lol

Blue Steel had an issue with Tony's face which I personally don't mind because I keep the helmet on, but that's there.

Now these two though have problems with their helmets.. Very noticeable scratches on their helmets and it sucks because these two are the ones with back leg printing..

Also, the marks in this set are not accurate to their names. Some of them are combined designs. People gave different names when I asked for some help and the names I used are the ones I found similar to the source design or with the most votes. We even called Red Snapper, Red Snapper and not Peacemaker because there was already a Peacemaker in the set..

Overall I'm disappointed at DLP. Maybe I just got a bad set, but I really look up to DLP as one of the better brands, and getting this really disappointed me. The helmet problems were really weird because it's really been a while since that mold was introduced and they've made soooo many of them.. I wonder how they messed this up..

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  3. Wandering dimentorJune 9, 2018 at 11:11 AM

    Is this from Angelomarcus?

  4. I also got my set with defects. Deformed arm plastic molding and paint issue on a helmet. Better check before you purchase.

  5. That sucks about the quality control on the helmets...


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