Kopf KF2000: Thanos Minifig with Infinity Gauntlet (for Minifigs) Review

First previewed here.

While the fig itself is okay, meaning it's not great but it's not bad at all, the real focus of the fig is the minifig gauntlet!

The print inside does not remind me of Thanos from the film and looks really off.. It's a great idea that Kopf included the armor to compensate for the weird torso design. While the head is also greatly detailed, it's just not what you'd expect from minifigs. Nose??

Unfortunately.. I don't really remember if he came with a spare normal hand..

because yes, the Gauntlet fits inside the arm and replaces a conventional hand.

A view of the back which looks better than the front, design wise, though to be fair, it's a much simpler design.

Side views. Decent muscle prints on the arms.

Views of the Gauntlet on all sides. The Infinity Stones are not colored like the movie's, or even the comics.. The thumb's stone doesn't have print. The middle stone was grey. It's so sad that Kopf messed it up because other than that, I think it looked fine.

It's obviously not a perfect Infinity Gauntlet, but when it comes to minifigs, this is the best and only option we have as of now.

Compatibility with other brands seem to be okay too.

(On the picture is Sheng Yuan's 1099-2)
Still, I prefer the bigfig gauntlet. While it may not be suitable for minifigs, bigfig Thanos who the gauntlet is really for, also looks much better as a bigfig. AngeloMarcus Greenhills thankfully has a lot of Thanos bigfigs and Infinity Gauntlets and I've been able to compare them all, and so far the only pro of this fig is that it it's a minifig with a minifig Infnity Gauntlet..

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