Kopf KF2103: Scarlet Witch Minifig Review (Comparison with WM463)

First previewed here!

On the left is Kopf and on the right is WM.
Now, the quality of the print of both figs are great! The plastic feels great too for the most part, but it seems that the hairpiece is different from the fig itself.

Both head dresses, unfortunately, aren't smooth. You can see that there are plastic nubs in the middle of the V shape for Kopf and on the corner point for WM. It's also worth noting that their skin tones are different.

(Reviewed the WM here.)

More differences. The hairpiece isn't just different with the pointiness, but also with the way they attach to the hair piece. I honestly prefer WM's, though in terms of design, I choose Kopf's (less pointy, more red than pink). WM's hair piece attaches somewhat naturally versus Kopf's where in there's a peg right infront of Scarlet Witch's forehead that just looks off.. Also, it's a shame that both figs didn't use red mold for the head dress and are just painted (more obvious with Kopf's).

Both have non-angry faces both are good enough for me. Kopf's lips though has that red blot on the bottom, though this might be an isolated issue with mine. Do note that WM's Scarlet Witch didn't have a cap initially, but your seller should provide you one if you order now because AngeloMarcus Greenhills provided capes to us afterwards! (Didn't place it anymore though.)

While on the side, the skin on the arms look good, it's really just slapped on as you saw in the front/back. Really wish they did dual molding or even just painted all around.

Both have angry faces too. Also, you see again how the skin tones are different between the two.

I think Kopf's Scarlet Witch is a worthy alternative to WM's, though WM also has its own good points over Kopf. Best to buy both and combine to get the best Scarlet Witch, right?

Expect more reviews from my AngeloMarcus Greenhills hauls soon! I'll also try to visit them later for a new haul!

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