MG Brand MG1017: Thanos (TLG Design) Bigfig Review

First previewed here!

Overall great quality. He feels a bit light, similar to Lele's Thanos. Though weight aside, the fig is great. Plastic felt great, not counting the weight, and also looked great. The print is also spot on and was centered for the most part.

Helmet isn't removable though for those wondering. It really is a clone of TLG's design. The sword is simple too and is accurate to what TLG has to offer.

Very simple back design; nothing much to say.

This left hand was very very loose that it couldn't stay in one place though..

But when I placed the Infinity Gauntlet (SY) [by removing the hand and replacing it with the Gauntlet], it was fine.. I guess Thanos was itching to have his Gauntlet! Lol!

Can't get enough of Thanos? Check my post here for a post with A LOT OF Thanos.

If you're interested in this TLG design though, you could also check out Decool's upcoming Thanos bigfig with a slightly modified design.

Additionally, an MG set list has been added to our WM set list to help aid collectors in keeping track of their collections especially from MG!

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  1. Sadly, the store isn't responding. Lucky for you, you can have easy access to those figs.


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