POGO PG8122: Thanos, Thane, Skaar, Valkyrie, and More Marvel/DC Minifigs Review

First previewed here!

Before anything, this set is still similar to the other recent POGO figs having somewhat grainy or blurry prints that are also 3D in a way that you can feel the lines and colors when you put your fingers over the figs. The plastic feels... average. It doesn't feel too bad but it's not as great as other brands. The gloss is also barely there unlike XINH, etc.

PG1509 - Valkyrie (Classic)
PG1510 - Taskmaster (Udon)
PG1512 - Thane, Son of Thanos

These designs are soooooo good, the only problem is that POGO wasn't great at applying the designs onto figs. Just look at the details on Valkyrie's legs! Amazing! I just hope that POGO invested more in quality. Still, from a distance they all still look pretty good.

These are the weapons they came with. Thane doesn't have a weapon.

Side view.

No back leg prints unfortunately.

No alternate faces here though.

PG1511 - Thanos

Same goes for quality for Thanos. The design looks great, with the head being a bit off though, but generally POGO wasn't able to do the design much justice.

Underneath the armor.

Side prints.

My Thanos had these whit stains on some of the yellow parts of the fig.. Isolated issue with mine or do your Thanos figs have it too?

PG1513 - Skaar
PG1515 - Gorgon
PG1516 - Catwoman

More great designs with blurry printing.. Sadly, Gorgon also doesn't come with horse legs.. Could've been a good starting point for POGO's horse legs mold if they did decide to make them.

These are the weapons they came with. POGO and I had the same idea for the weapon mold; my MOC Skaar has a similar sword but in black!

Side views! Too bad Gorgon doesn't have side legs printing too..

Back view.

PG1514 - Ares (on the left)
I'll be comparing this Ares with XINH's Ares.
POGO's Ares came with an ax weapon too unlike XINH's that came with a spear and shield.

I prefer POGO's Ares. The skull on the chest, for example, has a minifig shape which I think is great. I also prefer this helmet over XINH's Spartan helmet. This one is more accurate, in my opinion.

Side views. I also prefer POGO's design of the side arms.

View of the back.

I think both their faces are somewhat off, but with their helmets on, I think they look fine.

I would've preferred if POGO came with an alternate face for a more neutral face.

POGO hasn't been great at quality recently and I hope they realize this and improve..

In the meantime, more reviews from my AngeloMarcus Greenhills haul coming soon! It was a busy weekend hence less reviews in the past days, but I'll have more time again now! Stay tuned!

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  1. That blurry 3d print. As if they just print it from a home computer. Po'go. I hope nobody will buy these. Too bad for the ones that i want, but i ain't getting them.
    Xinh, if you're reading: Please use the designs of Valkyrie, Gorgon, Firestar and Meteorite


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