POGO PG9140, PG9141: Early Preview of Adventure Time Minifigs

We've only seen two from a previous preview, but here are the others.

Source of the designs here. I wonder how bad or good POGO will end up making these.. I still look forward though!

I hope to review them as soon as AngeloMarcus Greenhills gets these in stock! I'm really really hoping for better quality, but I'm not expecting too much so that my heart doesn't get too broken by POGO.. again..

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  1. I tried watching this, just couldn't get into though.
    Figs looks interesting enough, hopefully they're done well for those of you who do watch the show.
    On a somewhat related note, I got into watching Rick and Morty, and subsequently ordered the two figures that were kicking about and was greatly impressed. The faces on the heads were particularly well done detail-wise.

  2. These look amazing...but POGO...


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