Kopf KF1999: Thanos Minifig With Helmet, Armor, and Minifig-scale Infinity Gauntlet Review

First previewed here.

And no, it's not exactly the same as KF2000. It's weird that the "upgraded" version is at 1999 while the older one is at 2000.. Wonder how Kopf decides on choosing their code numbers..

Let's start with what's underneath the armor. It's different from KF2000 even underneath, and the designs might be subjective to preference. Though in terms of quality, while I wouldn't say it's bad, it's not great too. The plastic quality isn't the right gloss you'd want to see and makes the not-so-great print look not as good. Still not too bad, except for the legs where the machines probably messed up a bit..

View of the sides. I love the design, the implementation is just right though. More misalignment issues on the side legs though.

Back legs don't look too good too.. 

Now with the armor. Oh, and by the way, it's sad that Kopf didn't even include a spare purple hand for when you don't want him wielding the Gauntlet.

Side views of the armor and helmet. Looking good! No issues with the mold in my side.

Good mold.

Still one gem missing its color... 
The Infinity Gauntlet is practically identical with the KF2000 gauntlet, but this one has more complete gems, but still not complete..

If you're a completionist, then KF2000 might be worth getting too since they're different enough. Hopefully my review of this and KF2000 can help you decide if you want to get this one or both.

As a PSA again though, I wasn't able to pass by AngeloMarcus Greenhills yesterday because of the rain.. I'll try to pass by on Wednesday because today and tomorrow will be busy for me.. sadly.. I still have some reviews incoming though.

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