Lepin 26001: Mechanic Warrior Mobile Suit Gundam Origins RX 78-2 90CM Tall Mech MOC Preview

Highly doubting this set.

Why am I doubting this? Because this set looks like the most complex thing Lepin has ever previewed. Unless the designer actually released the instructions online, I doubt Lepin can reverse-engineer one based on pictures alone that will end up sturdy or looking good. Secondly, Lepin has been known to preview some sets only to never release them.

This MOC was recently featured on a Facebook page called Brickfinder; they posted about it here giving credits to a man named Harry Pinto. I did another easy Google search and came across his FlickR (named Henry Pinto here) which has a plethora of beautiful MOCs, even a huge Sentinel that I've seen some years/months back.

Kudos to the designer. This is probably the best mech MOC I have ever seen in my whole life so far. Lepin cloning it will be a good way for other fans to have access, but knowing that he probably won't be earning from the sale of these is quite disheartening.

Well, in case you're a huge Gundam fan and you know you can't afford to get this, both financially and in terms of space, then POGO did release some Gundam minifigs.

And again, this preview does not mean that this set will be released for sure.
[Edit: A LOT of stores are already pushing for this so signs are leading to it being produced. It will probably be decided based on the number of pre-sell orders Lepin gets.]

Some more information here:
This is also an affiliate link, though I still recommend looking through other stores, both online and physical, that suits you best.

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  1. https://www.aliexpress.com/af/lepin-26001.html?SearchText=lepin+26001&d=y&blanktest=0&initiative_id=SB_20180918005306&origin=n&catId=0&isViewCP=y&jump=afs

  2. I'm curious te see how this folds out. The extra head doesn't look the right scale compared to the original.

    1. That's from one of the guys other MOCs he is working on, the Hazel 121

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  4. Sadly Lepin has done it again, this model has been listed without credit or permission from Harry. The images used are from his posts on social media.

  5. And a huge price tag at the moment also........

  6. I'm pretty sure they won't release it. There are no instructions released and I doubt the lepin people have the talent or patience to come up with a comparable design. It was the same thing with the Zenith Cruiser.


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