JiSi Bricks 10316: Hulkbuster with Pilot Bruce Banner Fig Preview

New brand?

Don't know if I should call this bigfig or not..

Reminds me a lot of Hot Toys' Cosbaby line. Maybe they were inspired by this?

This is really cute, but as far as being for the brick system, do you guys think it's good? Sure it fits a minifigure inside, but that seems to be it. Hopefully there's more brick interaction. I don't want another Iron Man bigfig like what Sheng Yuan did recently.

Still, I'll be there to review these if AngeloMarcus Greenhills gets these in stock. I'd still love to own this even if it's not as integrated in the brick system! I am a Marvel fan too anyway.

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  1. The font for “SUPER” looks exactly like DECOOL's “SUPER”.

    These two brands related maybe?

    Whatever it is, I'm definitely will get it! :)


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