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XINH X0172: Thor Ragnarok Minifigs Review (With XINH and POGO Comparisons)

Kinda long review this time! Hope you guys enjoy!
Only one missing from the whole set is Hela!

XINH 703 - Thor (with red half-cape)
XINH 704 - Hela
XINH 705 - Sif
XINH 706 - Berserker
XINH 707 - Bruce Banner
XINH 708 - Valkyrie
XINH 709 - Red Skull
XINH 710 - Mandarin

Let's focus first on Lady Sif and Berserker.

Both printings are sharp. Both plastic molds are great. I've got no complaints with these two. Good job, XINH. One thing to note, I just now saw the official Berserker minifig and the torso on the picture is actually inverted, that should be the back.. sorry haha.

Side view. Not much going on, but you do see the Berserker's extra spikes; I'm excited to see these guys in action in the upcoming movie! (They're probably soldier type characters because the official set includes two Berserker minifigs)

Some of you might be picky with your parts though and I'm just gonna say that Berserker's weapons are on the flexible side. They're not the usual type of plastic used with your usual minifig accessories. Sorry about the blurry pic but my focus is on it's flexibility. When you look close, you'll also see the difference from the usual weapons through the gloss of this part; it's not really bad but I might as well mention it for those seeking to use these specific blades for whatever MOC they have!

A back view. Nice alternate face for Lady Sif! Always appreciate the angry face. Very good printing too for Berserker's back head. (This side of Berserker's torso should be the front.)

Nice back printing for Lady Sid as well. Thanks to the designer for this, even though she has a cape.

Overall, for these two at least, XINH quality is superb. We also appreciate a new design, Lady Sif has always been on every Marvel fan's wishlist since she's such a prominent character in Thor's life. Berserker is also an interesting minifig, one oy my favorites from my last haul, even though I don't know much about him/it/her; the details on it are just so good even if it's a dark color (dark green) on a black piece.

On to these three. Bruce Banner, The Mandarin, and Red Skull [from Captain America First Avenger]

I've got no problems with printing and plastic quality with these guys just like the ones above. The worst would be Bruce Banner, his face just looks off, especially his non-angry face. Next would be the face print alignment for Mandarin. More below.

Only the Red Skull's got printing on the arms. You can see Mandarin's two piece hair+beard here too.

I would've loved the arm printing but the skull lost his eyes sadly. This is for both sides of the arm..

It's also my first time seeing a coat with no collar, Red Skull comes with one. It's also worth noting that the guns Red Skull comes with are not the same as the ones in the preview pictures. Here, you'll see him with his German Lugers(?) while the minifig itself has the usual magnum/revolver type of guns. Not a big deal for me but it would really disappoint others.

See Bruce's off looking face? Or is it just me? Alternate faces for Bruce and Mandarin though, none for Red Skull thankfully.

Here are the printings at the back for Mandarin and Red Skull.

Oh here's the issue about Mandarin's face alignment. Do you see the height of the eyes for both eyes? The face at the back would look really weird with the beard because of this, the eyes would end up almost under the beard.

TL;DR - Bruce Banner is meh, this Mandarin is new for me but not sure if it's been released before, and this Red Skull is probably my favorite among all the ones ever released.

Left is this set's Thor and right is the other set's Thor. (Reviewed here.)
The two are almost identical but the minor differences are still enough to buy both! I honestly can't choose which I prefer.. Printing and plastic quality are great just like the other Thor and the other XINH figs.

The new blast piece's quality looks great! The problem is that it didn't always shoot correctly, at least based on the Youtube videos of it I've seen. Still better than the old SY stud shooters if you have those.

The faces of both Thors are the same. I actually reviewed Blue Thor on the right already so check that out for more information.

Their arms both have those metal armor covers on one side. Identical for the most part.

Back printing are identical. (Front prints are not if you didn't notice.) Take note of Red Thor's unique cape though. It's kind of a half cape though which I haven't seen before.

Now for a more interesting match up. XINH Valkyrie (on the left) versus POGO Valkyrie (on the right).

First big difference: Valkyrie's sword. POGO has the correct sword, and I do prefer this correct sword because it's less common than XINH's.

Let's do some side view first. I only recently got POGO Valkyrie's hair all the way down. It was a bit hard at first but there you go. Sorry for the glare but POGO's skin tone is lighter than XINH's. I prefer POGO's skin town but the lack of lips on the face is just enough to say no to it.

I also prefer POGO's printing, front and back because they seem slimmer and sharper, just not the head. I'd love to compare them with the official minifig some day.

There's also big difference with the capes. XINH has the lighter blue while POGO has the blue one. I think POGO's is more accurate though. The hair pieces are also quite different, not noticeable at first but looking closely you can see that some strands of the hair are different though I guess this isn't such a big deal.

Generally happy with this XINH set. I'd love to see how POGO will do their Thor minifigs and I'll compare them as soon as I get the POGO Thor minifigs. I'll try to make better comparisons as well next time. Maybe separate posts too.

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