Saturday, March 31, 2018

DTB DTB078: Crimson Cowl (Justine Hammer) Minifig MOC

She's a Marvel supervillain.

Parts used:
Head - Red Hood
Torso, arms - Scarlet Witch
Others - Generic

I photoshopped the bottom piece to make it seem like she's floating. I just recently learned some very very basic photoshop so I tried it out! Haha

Below were other poses I took.

I ultimately based my Crimson Cowl on the Microhero version above. Why? Because I had more spare parts that suit that look.. Haha
If you want one that looks more like the one on the left, then maybe use this formula:

Head - Mighty Micros Magneto/King of Glory minions head
Torso - Kabuki Twin/Felicity Smoak/T'Pol (With some erasing of skin on the others)
Others - Generic

Show me how you'll make yours below or through Facebook! Share your other thoughts as well and don't forget to like the page!



  1. Nice! How about the Ultron version as well?!

    1. Actually initially planned to do the Ultron version first, then I saw the female version and found her interesting, plus my spare Scarlet Witch really pushed me to make her. Maybe I'll make the Ultron version too though! :D


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