POGO PG8117: Meteorite, Supergiant, Exodus, and Other Superhero/Villain Minifigs Review (New POGO Style)

First previewed here.

Well, 7 of 8 of PG8117 because Cosmic Hulk isn't here yet.. 

Generally, the set feels like a downgrade for POGO quality, and that's not great to hear considering that POGO was never really the best at quality. While quality has downgraded, the designs chosen have been more interesting though. 

I am suspecting that more of the upcoming POGO minifigs will have the same kind of printing and plastic.

Let's start with PG451 - Winter Soldier (Thunderbolts) and PG452 - Electrocutioner. Notice anything different already? Maybe not on picture, but in person you will easily see the difference. While the print gets the job done, it's just not as good looking as other brands.

Side views.

Side views again.

A view of the back. Yes, this is focused properly on my camera..

"I don't get it, what's different?" Well here's PG453 - Supergiant beside XINH's Spiderboy and if you have this fig, you know that it's made quite differently from the traditional minifig. These new POGO figs are very similar to Spiderboy in terms of how their designs were printed, but less 3D and less thick.

Additionally, if you recently got the Food Mascot minifigs from POGO and saw their torso prints, not the mascots but the figs themselves, then these are very very similar.

I really wish my camera just had issues with focusing, but nope.. The print is really like that.

Same issue with the back.

Now for PG454 - Exodus and PG455 - Meteorite. Weirdly enough, I think POGO's new manufacturing process can't print on the back of heads because they provided two heads for Exodus even though he has hair and can cover the alternate face. No complaints; more heads = better for MOCers, right? Regarding quality, both figs suffer from the same issues as the others. 
(Exodus' cape consists of two parts, the white main cape and the golden collar cape.)

Side views. It might not be great, but it's good to see some side prints too considering that even TLG barely provides side prints..

View of the back.

Now for PG456 - Rogue (Age of X) and PG457 - Luke Cage. I think both WM and Kopf already released Luke Cage figs similar to this, so those are alternatives. Rogue on the other hand is exclusive to POGO at this point, in this design. I hate that there are no curves unlike usual female figs, but it's not too bad. Same quality issues apply to these two, just like the other figs.

(Under better lighting to show that Luke's skin on torso and head are actually not too different from each other.)

Rogue without the hair and coat.

Side prints.

I was gonna say that the new POGO style can't print on back legs just like back heads, but Rogue is showed me otherwise.

Generally disappointed at POGO. They're going toward the quantity over quality approach and that could be very disappointing. I remember a time when I actually preferred POGO over XINH, but now I think I prefer XINH over any brand. Recently Lele has also been very active and their first bunch of figs have been great, and I do hope they retain both quality and quantity.

I would still recommend some of these though, especially since the designs are new, unique, and interesting at least. 

It also seems like the other figs that were previewed from POGO around the same time as this are also coming soon. I'll do reviews as soon as AngeloMarcus Greenhills starts selling them!

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  1. This kind of printing is horrible. Too bad, i will purchase exactly none of these! (wanted to buy the whole series)
    Pogo stop lowering your standards! Man Up!!


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