Kopf KF432, KF2104: Wolverine (X-23) and Lady Thor (Comparison with WM466) Minifigs Review

First previewed here and here.

Rough photoshopping.. Need some practice, lol!

Let's start with Laura. First thing's first, too bad we didn't get her with a hair piece.. Wolverine/X-23 in the costume really does look like that except her hair hangs from her helmet/cowl.

Another thing I didn't like, the helmet Kopf used is the same as SY's Wolverine helmet which is not accurate to TLG and while accuracy to TLG isn't something that's always wanted, this bulkier helmet just doesn't look as good..

As you can see, the one on the left is the mold that Kopf used. KF432 is probably manufactured by DLP or SY. Picture is from mybrickstore.blogspot.com, of course!

Underneath the cowl is a Batman-like face with a white bandana to cover up the eyeholes of the helmet. Didn't look too good though because the helmet really is too bulky..

Side view. Glad they added these colors too. Also, my KF432 came with the claws outside of the bag. Hopefully your sellers will provide the more accurate two-blade claws; I'm glad AngeloMarcus Greenhills took the time and effort to match all of the X-23 figs with the new claws!

No back printing surprisingly.. It would've been great if she came with a regular Laura face and an extra hairpiece in case you really didn't like the helmet.

In case you wanna replace the helmet with a helmet similar to TLG's, then get a spare one from TLG, Decool (I think), or POGO. Other brands probably have one too, so be on the lookout!

Right off the bat, which do you prefer?

Well, on the left is Kopf and on the right is WM.

Kopf comes with this new Mjolnir mold which I really like. It would've been better if the handle was colored brown, but it's better than TLG's plain old Mjolnir. Too bad though that that circle under the handle doesn't fit the brick system in anyway. (So yeah, that's not anti-stud.)

In terms of the plastic and print quality, I honestly think that Kopf's is better but I think I prefer WM's design. Both are of pretty good quality though.
(Separate review of WM466.)

Side views. Much more detail on the sides for WM.

Behind it's pretty much identical other than the thicker helmet ears on Kopf and more yellow hair.

Kopf's helmet+hair is one piece while WM's is two piece. I think the flexibility of WM's helmet+hair allows for more customization and possibly reuses of molds. (I think that the Lady Thor helmet can be used for a variant of Wasp, so hopefully WM notices that..)

The thicker helmet ears.. I think this is what primarily makes me prefer WM's instead. The thick ears just look really raelly off..

Underneath the helmets, it's practically the same.

Same goes for the back, though WM prints, especially on the legs, look better.

The alternate face does not match the helmet on my Kopf Lady Thor. Not a problem for me though since the other face is for the helmet anyway. Also, if you look closely right at the forehead level, you can see that there seems to be a scratch on her hair.. I wonder if it's really a design (though I doubt it), an error that appears on all these figs, or just an isolated case with my fig.

Two good figs from Kopf that could've been better, but I honestly think they're worth the purchase.
I also have Kopf's own Scarlet Witch which I got from my last AngeloMarcus Greenhills haul so stay tuned for a review of that!

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  1. Just for the information of anyone who wants to know. I have used the POGO helmet (which is a brighter yellow than the decool one) and it is still a darker colour than the yellow on this minifigure. Just so you know in advance that it wont match perfectly if you do try to track one of the above mentioned figures down for the helmet.

  2. It’s not AngeloMarcus that matched the claws, I think it’s Kopf. I ordered mine from AliExpress and she came in her normal bag with the regular claws, but then that was inside a ziplock bag with the two point claws.


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