Lepin 07102: Infinity War Hulkbuster Smash-Up Clone Set Review

First previewed here with the other Lepin IW sets.

So far, Sheng Yuan and XINH also previewed their own. 

Before anything, here's the back box art. Misleading look of Proxima as she doesn't really sport the correct hairstyle like in the box.

Though while Proxima's hair piece is wrong, it beats SY in the Infinity stone area. (Though SY's Proxima also has the wrong hair piece.)

Generally this build is stable. No issues in brick quality or stability.

The turret shoots by you squeezing the black stem effectively pushing out the ball. This thing can shoot strong, so be careful! Though the ball does not stay in place tightly, which could be a pro or a con.

The stone can be placed inside the turret as seen above.

Now for the Hulkbuster mech. The quality of the bricks is great. The parts stick together nicely and did not have rough edges. The instructions were also clear and the parts were placed in labeled bags. These two added up made a satisfying and easy build!

A view behind.

Hulkbuster's arms can move up and down with the transparent blue cylinder piece. If you turn it around, the arm will also move (just one arm). Though this was also perhaps the biggest weakness of the Hulkbuster. The movable arm was too loose. You can't even lift the arm to make poses because it was that loose..

Of course, a minifig fits inside the mech and fits nicely too.

The fig fits in that flat line instead of the usual studs which I prefer. Also, inside you'll see the gear mechanism allowing the movement of the very loose arm.

Most of the print designs are sticks, but the head/helmet was printed on. Though I'm really disappointed that my Hulkbuster came with a scratch/black dot on one of the eyes as you can see.. Other than that, the prints were great.

Now for the minifigs. I was never confident of Lepin figs, but these figs somewhat proved me wrong. I only saw some minor issues. One would be that Bruce's arm doesn't fit too well into the torso, though to be fair it just might need stronger force to push in. Other than that, plastic and print quality for the figs were great.

Falcon's alternate face is a bit lower than we'd like, but still not too bad.

The wing accessory for Falcon was great too. Parts and articulation were not loose but not too tight. The prints are actually stickers too so it's not their fault if they're misaligned.

A view of the back. If you recall, my Kopf Falcon came with the wrong Redwing wings (both of the same side) while XINH's Redwing wings weren't even the correct molds.

There goes Redwing.. Even though IW had three Redwings as opposed to CW's single Redwing.

Now for Proxima Midnight from LOTR and an Outrider. JK! Yes, Proxima is using the wrong hair piece. So far, only XINH has the correct hairpiece for Proxima: the single-sale minifig and their own Hulkbuster.

Other than that, the figs here are also of good quality!

I found Proxima's spear to be weird though since the blades have some weird feel and look to them.. They looked sticky but they didn't feel sticky.. I wasn't sure what made them that way, but I've got spares of those anyway..


Alternate face for Proxima.

The extra parts were placed in an extra bag which I think was great! It made me feel secure that I didn't miss any instructions because no spares were left per bag!

Extra ring too! Yay!

A great Lepin set with three big issues: scratch on Hulkbuster face's print (for mine at least), very loose arms, and wrong Proxima Midnight hairpiece. Right now, I'm still deciding if I wanna [and can afford to] complete the Lepin IW sets.. The Sanctum is definitely on my wishlist though! Interested in knowing the Lepin codes for the other sets? Check here.

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