Decool 0316: Hulkbuster Model 2 Bigfig with Bruce Banner Pilot Minifig Review (JiSi 10316)

This was first previewed as a JiSi Bricks bigfig, but it turns out that it's Decool's! Not sure what JiSi is, but the manufacturer is Decool for [99.9%] sure! Does that matter? Yes, since Decool has been known to make really good bigfigs! Two of my favorite bigfigs recently just came from them, Iron Monger and Whiplash!

As mentioned in the preview post, this has a striking resemblance to Hot Toys' Cosbaby Hulkbuster. To be fair though, both are designed from the same mech which makes it likely that they'll look similar especially since they both have that chibi look. I think Decool still deserves credit because it's different enough from Cosbaby's Hulkbuster and they still made it brick compatible, as you'll see below!

Looking good?

Two studs inside with reasonable space!

No back print for Bruce, which isn't a big deal for me. I'm just glad that they included one in the first place.

Confirmation that it's from Decool? This is Decool's infamous legs piece.

For brick compatibility, here you go. The arms are similar to usual bigfigs.

I'd consider this part a negative though. That attachment between the torso and the helmet aren't really brick-designed. Additionally, it's really loose. You cannot hold the bigfig upside down and keep the helmet on.


RIP Cull Obsidian. LOL.

Yes, the have anti-studs under their legs! 

And they attach really well to plates.

Decool 0316 Grading:

Plastic Quality: 5/5
No issues with plastic. The bigfig was light but didn't feel cheap.

Print Quality: 4.5/5
Generally great but had some scratches or incomplete prints.

Build Quality: 4/5
No loose parts other than the helmet. Additionally, that doesn't incorporate the brick system. Building it was a breeze though, much easier than POGO's bigfigs lol.

Design Choice: 4/5
Gotta admire Decool for their own design but at the same time it's unfortunate that it's so similar to Cosbaby's Hulkbuster. The scale might seem off too to others because of the large head. HB 2.0 is also not a new "character" which might prevent others from buying this. (See more variants in our Iron Man guide, mostly builds though.)

AngeloMarcus Greenhills has had this in stock for a while now. I did the review late cause I've been trying to fix my lighting setup, and unfortunately am not done yet. As such, I apologize for the not-so-good lighting in this post and probably in the reviews to follow. Hopefully I get it fixed soon.

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