Thursday, December 22, 2016

Small Bootlego Haul from My Local Stores

Just a couple of sets and minifigs I missed out from before. Plus the new Ghost Rider one from SY. 

I was surprised that there weren't a lot of new stuff in my local stores. Especially from Lepin. I did see Lepin's Doc Ock set, Lepin's Spider-Man Bridge Battle set, SY's New Avengers Tower, and even Dargo's 2-in-1 Marvel + DC Minifigs. Though for the newer Harry Potter and LOTR sets I've been posting about, I saw nothing. That's a real surprising thing since the HP and LOTR sets were seen online for quite some time now while this SY Ghost Rider set I literally just saw a few days ago.. 

Also, even newer Star Wars sets were nowhere to be seen.. The newest one I saw was I think Lepin's Slave I set

Though there were a lot of new non-superhero sets that I also saw like the Apple Store [the box was way bigger than I expected] and the RV [also a bigger box than expected] from Sembo Block, and the Emerald Night train set and Taj Mahal set from Lepin. 

I was saddened to see that my local stores stopped selling POGO and XINH minifigs, though I do have a backup store somewhere else. Still need to pick up Clea and now that new Gwenpool one. Also still can't decide if I should pick up the Dr. Strange trio: Dr. Strange, Ancient One, and Baron Mordo from XINH.. what do you think? 

Share your thoughts below! Can't guarantee a review soon because of this busy holiday season, but I'll try, especially for the new Ghost Rider one! Don't forget to like us on Facebook for the quickest updates! 


  1. What country are you from that you have lepin and others in local stores? Edmonton Alberta Canada here. Classified by China mail as Northern Canada.

    1. I'm from the Philippines. And these stores I'm mentioning are 99% of the time owned by Chinese people. I don't know how their stores work but I assume they have contacts from China, since well they're Chinese.. I hope that's not racist haha

  2. No its not racist. Everything from aliexpress comes from mainland China. I'm sure all the sets are made there. I think lepin and other knock offs are most likely made for Chinese market so your Chinese store owners must have contacts.

  3. Everyone else may as well say where you are all from too.